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Serviceline Industrial Sensors
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Operator Workstations

VisuNet – insightful solutions

VisuNet operator workstations are rugged and sleek. Our HMIs serve highly specialized markets with innovative products designed to meet the needs of the hazardous and industrial process markets.

Our visualization products for the petroleum market are designed to be used and abused. You can find VisuNet IND HMIs in use throughout petroleum exploration performing oil logging, surface logging, directional mapping, as well as services and BOP.

At the refinery and downstream, our HMIs are used for process monitoring and control. VisuNet IND operator workstations are the hub of the hydrocarbon storage and custody transfer system - filling rail cars or tankers, as well as choke system and pressure monitoring and control. They are also installed in tank-farm-exposed elements and easily withstand the deteriorating effects of the sun, rain, and dust.

At the other end of the process spectrum are regulated industries like pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. You will find VisuNet Ex1 and GMP in use throughout many regulated industries for hazardous area process and batch control and hygienic clean room applications.

The trend towards the decentralization of monitoring and control tasks seeks to minimize equipment exposure to harsh environments and mitigates risk by making process control more accessible. VisuNet operator workstations are a key component in remote visualization and are engineered to endure harsh, unyielding environments. The design of the VisuNet platform make it very adaptable, so operator workstations throughout the plant can have the same look and feel, yet function differently.