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Serviceline Industrial Sensors
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Serviceline Explosion Protection
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Sensors+Rotary Encoders

Inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as rotary encoders for direct connection to AS-Interface are available in various designs. Sensors with the embedded AS-Interface chip offer significant advantages like self monitoring, improved diagnostics (for example failure warning) or the option of assigning parameters to the sensor (for example N.O. / N.C. mode of operation). Sensors built according to Specification V2.1 allow connecting up to 62 sensors per network.

Inductive AS-Interface sensors

Inductive sensors for AS-Interface
Inductive sensors for AS-Interface

Inductive AS-Interface sensors are available in various designs:

  • Cylinder-shaped M12 and M30 sensors, flush and non-flush mountable

VariKont L inductive sensor for AS-Interface
VariKont L inductive sensor for AS-Interface
  • VariKont L

This design offers installation with no tools and has 4 LED displays positioned on the corners for switching status and operating voltage. The LEDs are clearly visible from all directions.

Rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders
Absolute rotary encoders
Absolute rotary encoders are used in many positioning applications. The high-speed, multi-slave solution with 4 AS-Interface chips can update a 16-bit position values during a single network cycle and transmit the position value to the upper level network or PLC scanner card.

AS-Interface Product Range

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