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Positioning a Foil Unwinder with F90 Inductive Positioning System

Heinrich Wemhöner GmbH & Co. KG, a company headquartered in Herford, eastern Westphalia, Germany, develops and produces presses for the wood processing industry, the automotive industry, and solar technology. With its short-cycle, trough-feed and 3D variopresses, Wemhöner is considered a global technological leader.


To replace mechanical limit switches that are able to detect only two digital switching states and which cannot implement more precise positioning for recording the position of a foil unwinder. The unwinder must be maintained exactly in position with the aid of an analog output plus two programmable limit values.


The Pepperl+Fuchs F90 sensor is used to record the exact position. Use of the PMI104-F90-IE8-V15 replaces two mechanical limit switches. The device works trouble-free despite the target being only 5 mm wide, as seen in figure 1.

Fig. 1: PMI104-F90-IE8-V15 with a target 5 mm wide

Customers' benefit

Using Pepperl+Fuchs F90 inductive positioning systems is especially advantageous in contrast to limit switches since the sensor is not subject to any mechanical wear. Errors are reduced. Fast, easy installation saves customer even more money. The exact position of the foil unwinder can be determined at any time by an analog output of 4 … 20 mA on a section of 0 … 104 mm.