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Preventative Maintenance Software with 6500 Series Purge and Pressurization System


Easy diagnostics directly at the control room with RS-485 HART communication

Connecting purging unit and control room with RS-485 HART communication allows real-monitoring.
Connecting purging unit and control room with RS-485 HART communication allows real-time monitoring.

When dealing with critical Zone 1/21 applications, having constant control and supervision over a particular application can ensure safe and reliable process operation. With Pepperl+Fuchs’ new 6500 series Ex px purge and pressurization system, users now have the ability to maintain continuous real-time monitoring of a purged enclosure or solution through RS-485 communication with HART protocol.

As a standard feature on all 6500 series control units, this communication software provides reliable diagnostic and preventative maintenance functions directly back to the control room PLC or AMS. Designed with a simple, user-friendly interface, this software enables the monitoring of essential functions of the purged solution, including:

  • Enclosure pressure, flow, and temperature status
  • Enclosure faults and alarms
  • Purge cycle statistics
  • System log files (last purge time, last shutdown, system on time)

This software is available as a free download DTM file. Frame applications, such as PACTware, must be installed separately.