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TOP10 Nomination for the Automation Award 2012

R2000 interactive laser scanner with 360-degree view

Automation Award 2012

In the latest version of the laser scanner, several switching fields can be defined. The fields can be determined using a parameter tool based on innovative FDT/DTM technology. The user can specify the dimensions of the relevant switching field. The behavior of the corresponding switching outputs can also be defined. Basic parameters such as scan rate and direction of rotation can be parameterized. Knowledge of the scanned environment helps to complete the task at hand. With the new operator interface, the user has a powerful tool at his disposal for the configuration of object detection tasks.

R2000 laser scanner highlights

  • Uses the proven Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), which guarantees precise detection of the distance of objects.
  • Red laser light: Permits direct alignment of the device.
  • Extremely small light spot: Allows precise detection of small objects and structures.
  • Interactive display: Enables communication between user and device. The user can commission the device without additional equipment.
  • High sampling rate: 250,000 individual measurements per second and a speed of 3000 rpm generate highly accurate measurement data.
  • Maximum performance with minimum volume: Sensor rotates independently around the vertical axis without optical deflectors. This results in a 30% reduction in volume.
  • Parameterization with high-performance graphic interface based on the FDT/DTM standard.

Your vote is needed - Participation pays off!

Pick the R2000 2D laser scanner as your favorite at the Automation Award at SPS ICP Drives. Vote at the Pepperl+Fuchs booth 338 in hall 7A or at the Automation Award booth 306 in hall 5. Among all participants, an iPad will be given away daily! Take your chance and maybe you'll be one of the winners soon!