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Construction Machines

Sensor solutions for construction machines

Construction vehicles include a wide range of machines that perform specific functions. Dump trucks, concrete mixers, excavators, and cranes are just a few of the heavy-duty construction machines that need to work reliably in harsh environments. The industrial sensors used on these types of construction vehicles must be mechanically and electrically robust, dependable, and precise.
Unlike proximity sensors designed for storage facilities or manufacturing plants, these industrial sensors are designed to mechanically survive the harsh environment and endure the inherent electrical rigors of construction machine applications. Pepperl+Fuchs manufactures the most intensively-tested line of proximity sensors for this industry. All construction equipment designs are qualified to the world’s most stringent performance standards, providing unprecedented service life and reliability in the most abusive environments.
Each construction vehicle has unique requirements, and Pepperl+Fuchs has the industrial sensors that you can rely on to meet those demands.